Enni Rukajarvi and Torstein Horgmo win Spindler Mlyn Slopestyle event

16 March 2013 21:33
torstein horgmo (5)
torstein horgmo (5) -

Enni Rukajarvi (FIN) and Torstein Horgmo (NOR) have won the FIS Snowboard World Cup season's second slopestyle competition which was staged in Spindler Mlyn, Czech Republic, today.

In the finals of the venue's World Cup debut, which were dominated by Northern European riders, it was Enni Rukajarvi coming out first.

The 2009 World Champion earned the high score of 89.75 in the battle of the top-6 women for her bs air to fs 360 indy, cab 360, noseslide, 50-50 bs out and a cab 720 lien.

The young rider thus relegated Sina Candrian (SUI, 81.50) and Kjersti Buaas (NOR, 79.75) to the second and third rank respectively.

On the men's side, Horgmo lived up to the expectations of being a top favourite for the win.

The 26-years-old scored 95 points and thus gave the other eleven riders in the final no chance.

A sw bs 540 mute to cab 720 mute, fs 720 indy, cab 180 50-50 bs 360 out (polejam) and a bs 1440 triple cork mute to finish things off raised the bar too high.

His fellow countryman Staale Sandbech finished in second position with 92.75 points. Sven Thorgren (SWE) rounded out the podium as third (90.00).

Make sure to watch the women's finals here.

And this link leads you to the men's decision.

Runs of second and third ranked riders:

  • Sina Candrian: bs air, fs stalefish, bs 540 mute, fs 540 lien, fs lipslide, fs 720 lien

  • Kjersti Buaas: bs 540 mute, air to fakie lien, cab 360, fs 540 indy, bs 50-50, bs 540 mute

  • Staale Sandbech: Bs 900 mute, fs 720 indy, cab 720 mute, fs 900, fs 270 fs boardslide, bs 1440 mute

  • Sven Thorgren: double mctwist lien, fs 540, bs air, boardslide 270 out indy (polejam), bs 1080 doublecork mute