Great first official training at Copper Mountain

17 December 2013 10:54
Arielle Gold (USA) competes in the 2012 Copper Mountain halfpipe event
Arielle Gold (USA) competes in the 2012 Copper Mountain halfpipe event -
Oliver Kraus

With the entire snowboarding world having arrived from several contests around the world, including those who travelled all the 7,500 km of linear distance from Ruka to Colorado, the FIS Snowboard World Cup at Copper Mountain finally kicked off with the first official training sessions for both, the halfpipe and slopestyle contest.

Local Organisers have prepared a perfect halfpipe with the lights set and ready to shine for the night finals this weekend and a fun slopestyle course which is a close replica of the one in Sochi where the 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be staged beginning of February 2014.

As a result, the general impression from event day one is that it was perfect.

“The (slopestyle) course is really good”, said Eric Beauchemin. “Compared to last season, they changed the jump line to one big one so there is more room. All jumps have good air time and the features are really creative and the landings are not that bad. It should be pretty good for the people to throw down this week.”

The 22-year-old from the U.S. Snowboarding Team also talked us through the course line: “They tried to make the first feature the same as the one in Sochi. There is a down-flat-down and a gap over a close-out to a down and there is a little box section as well.

The next one is either a down rail, a wall ride or a rainbow box. After that, there is a bonk, a battleship rail or an up-cannon, I guess, and then there are three jump increasing in size.”

Beauchemin's team mate Benjamin Farrow, member of the U.S. Pro Team since 2013, talked a bit about the Copper Mountain halfpipe and thus the event he will compete in.

“The pipe here in Copper is good. They have done a good job. It should be a great contest. The field is big with many nations competing here. Everyone has to be on his A-game.”