Jamie Anderson wins World Cup opener at Cardrona

19 August 2013 14:23
WC_Cardrona_Slopestyle_Women -
FIS/Oliver Kraus

US snowboard star Jamie Anderson has won the 2014 season's first FIS Snowboard World Cup which was staged today as part of the Audi quattro Winter Games NZ 2013 at Cardrona Alpine Ski Resort. The 22-years-old rewarded the patience of a passionate crowd with a stunning display of slopestyle riding after weather had again disrupted the day’s schedule leading to a late afternoon finish for the women and the cancellation of the men’s comp.

However, the performance of all eight women in the final, which ended with daylight fading, was well worth the wait.

Anderson scored 94.75 in her first run which consisted of a backside tail tap over the wall ride to a backside tailslide on the down rail, a 50-50 to backside 180 out on the pole jam and a switch backside 5 indy to backside 5 mute on the two-kicker line.

Her second run became a victory lap after her closest competitors failed to match her score with Jenny Jones (GBR, 87.00) and Cheryl Maas (NED, 80.50) taking the second and third rank respectively.

“Today has been just wonderful. I’m so thankful it worked out and that everyone was patient with the earth – it’s just a part of the journey. I just wanted to land a run and do well but I wasn’t totally obsessed with winning.

All of us had to deal with the weather which was quite challenging but we all rode really well and I’m so proud of all the girls and I’m really happy with myself,” said Anderson who thus claimed her careers second in her third World Cup start.

Second placed Jenny Jones was more than seven points behind the American, although she also threw down a solid first run including a stall to fakie to switch back boardslide, 50-50 to indy out, backside 360 indy and a frontside 700 indy to finish things off.

She said she was “absolutely stoked” to come second: “'m stoked to make the final and actually land my run in the final because the other World Cups I've done I crashed. So I was like 'please land on your feet'. So I'm absolutely stoked to make the podium.

The podium is very helpful. It was worth the 2,000 pound flight to come here. I'm absolutely delighted. Today was tough: it's on, it's off, your heartbeat goes up and down. It's been like that since 8AM till 4PM.”

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