Maas and Koch take top seat for finals

13 March 2015 16:58
Lucien Koch impressed the judges with his style the most
Lucien Koch impressed the judges with his style the most -
David Karvay

Maas rocked the unique course which kicks off with a halfpipe before leading into a little jibbing section and finishing off with a huge 20 metres jump earning the top score of 86.50, only 0.50 more than Elena Koenz was awarded with for her run.

The third female rider to go straight to tomorrow's finals was Ella Suitiala (FIN, 79.75).

Klaudia Medlova (SVK), Jenna Blasman (CAN), Carla Somaini (SUI), Urska Pribosic (SLO), Breanna Stanegland (CAN) and local hero Sarka Pancochova (CZE) took the six spots for the semi finals to determine the last three finalists.

On the men's side of things, Koch came out best of the one heat qualifier with 92.50.

Besides the young Swiss, also his fellow countrymen Michael Schaerer (89.25) and Lucas Baume (88.25) earned their spot for the finals already, and so did Petja Piiroinen (FIN, 88.75), Daniel Porkert (CZE, 88.00) and Janne Korpi (FIN, 87.75) who looks pretty save to secure the slopestyle and overall snowboard freestyle World Cup title.

“I didn't feel good in the morning but after the first run I felt better and I am looking forward to tomorrow's competition“, said qualification's winner Lucien Koch.

Ten more men will battle in the semis for the last four remaining spots for the finals which will be held in the three runs, best one count format:

Matthias Weissenbacher (AUT), Jonas Boesiger (SUI), Mikhail Matveev (RUS), Ville Paumola (FIN), Nuutti Nimelae (FIN), Philipp Kundratitz (AUT), Petr Horak (CZE), Martin Mikyska (CZE), Brett Moody (USA), Jordan Philipps (CAN).

Semis will take place at 10:30 AM CET with the finals of the best six ladies and ten men scheduled for 1:30 PM CET.

Live TV on Eurosport 2 & Asia as well as Be INSports France Max 4.