Mittermueller and van der Velden clinch Europa Cup slopestyle opener

05 November 2015 14:09
Niek van der Velden (NED) competes at the first EC slopestyle event
Niek van der Velden (NED) competes at the first EC slopestyle event -
Luc Bukther

Germany's slopestyle queen Silvia Mittermueller and Dutch talent Niek van der Velden have claimed victory at Europa Cup opener's first of two slopestyle contests staged in SnowWorld Landgraaf, Holland.

32-year-old well-experienced Mittermueller impressed the judges in the finals of the best five women with a solid switch backside 180 to frontside 360 on the kicker line whilst stomping switch frontside lip to backside lip and a boardslide in the rail section.

Women's podium of the first EC slopestyle 2015 with Sofya Fedorova (RUS), Silvia Mittermueller (GER) and Klara Janikova (CZE)

Earning 145.67 points to bring home her career's first Europa Cup win the Munich based rider relegated Sofya Fedorova (RUS, 140.33) and Klara Janikova (CZE, 137.33) to the second and third rank, respectively.

“I never did a competition here before. For the German team it was important for me to come out here, because they are setting up a slopestyle program. Therefore I came out to Landgraaf and I think it’s fun to compete here,” explained Mittermueller.

“Normally it is a lot more stressful because the jumps are much bigger. For women it is often hard to get enough speed to clear them and of course there is a big risk of injury’s. Here that’s not the case for the jumps are a lot smaller, so that is nice for a change.”

In the men's event, 15-year-old young gun van der Velden repeated his last year's win in 'The Fridge' celebrating his career's second EC contest triumph with the score of 164.00 for his underflip 720 mute to backside 900 mute over the kickers and frontside 270 in 450 out, backside 270 in 270 out, cab 180 to frontside blunt 270 out on the rail line.

“I did not expect to win here. I’m just a surprised as last year that I did. This year mainly because there are much more competitors at the start,” van der Velden said.

Men's podium of the first EC slopestyle 2015 with Jarvilehto (FIN), van der Velden (NED) and Pohjonen (FIN)

Finnish rippers Kalle Jarvilehto (159.00) and Tuomas Pohjonen (158.67) rounded out the podium as second and third, respectively.

Full results can be checked here.

Today will bring the second stop of the Europa Cup slopestyle tour also staged in SnowWorld Landgraaf.