Preview of the Kreischberg slopestyle course

04 March 2014 09:39
Slopestyle Training Kreischberg
Slopestyle Training Kreischberg -
Miha Matavz

According to the rider's and team captain's feedback, the Austrian course designer did a good job when he decided to keep it more technical as the venue site in Austria did need a different approach compared to the Olympic venue site.

“The course is shorter and more narrow. While Sochi kicked off with three rail sections and finished off with a three-jump line we start at Kreischberg with two rails before going into two jumps increasing in size.

We then added another jib section before we finish things off with a final jump”, explained the 37-year-old FIS Technical Advisor.

According to Zehetner the course thus demands street-smart riding as “you have to decelerate after the second jump which might be challenging for some riders.”

The jumps on the course of the first ever FIS Slopestyle World Cup on Austrian soil are varying between 4.70 and 5.30 metres so riders will travel distances of up to 30 metres.

“We did a great job in Sochi and want to showcase our sport best over the next two days again”, said Zehetner who will be responsible for the 2015 FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Champs slopestyle course.