Ruka qualifiers done

12 December 2013 14:13
Antti Autti (FIN) is back to contest after almost three years
Antti Autti (FIN) is back to contest after almost three years -

Today saw the qualifiers for the second FIS Snowboard Halfpipe World Cup of the 2014 season at Ruka, Finland, and a total of 26 ladies and 42 men gave it a shot.

In pretty icy conditions. But riders managed to throw down some great runs pulling off some huge 1080's as well as some double corks.

However, only four women and the best four men of both heats, who had been on fire before, directly made it to the finals scheduled for tomorrow 6 PM (CET +1)

The line-up of the already qualified snowboarders feature the likes of Rebecca Sinclair (NZL), Shuang LI (CHN), Clemence Grimal (FRA) and Mirabelle Thovex (FRA) on the women's side.

On the men's side, Yiwei Zhang (CHN), Tim-Kevin Ravnjak (SLO), Antti Autti (FIN), Dolf van der Wal (NED) proceeded from heat 1 to the finals while Johann Baisamy (FRA), Dimi de Jong (NED), Ilkka-Eemeli Laari (FIN) and Janne Korpi (FIN) did so from heat 2.

Yes, you read it right, Antti Autti is back to contest riding since his last FIS event at the 2011 World Champs at La Molina. And it seems the 28 year-old ripper from Rovaniemi enjoyed it a lot.

“The halfpipe was really good, you got speed really well. I had to ride the pipe for a week to get used to riding such a huge halfpipe.

It was challenging, but it was really great to make it straight to the finals. I suppose if it was snowing I wouldn't have got even to the semis! I have to get together some new tricks for tomorrow so we'll see what happens.”

Check the links for the full results of the qualifiers:

Here are the start list for the semi finals, where the last spots for the finals will be awarded tomorrow at 1:30 PM (CET +1), two for the ladies and four for the men: