Ruka World Cup is getting closer

27 November 2013 14:03
Small version of the official World Cup Poster Ruka
Small version of the official World Cup Poster Ruka -
Ruka World Cup OC

With less than 20 days to go to the season's second halfpipe World Cup event, the only one staged in Europe this winter, the preparations are fully underway.

Alli Zehetner (AUT), who had been responsible for the superpipe at the World Cup opener in New Zealand three months ago, kicked off his work last Monday when the snow making was finally done.

Like two years ago, the pipe will measure 145 metres in length with the walls being 22 feet in height.

And while the venue is getting prepared to welcome some of the world's finest, including Japanese shooting star Ayumu Hirano and his team mate Ryo Aono the Finnish National Team is already pumped for its home soil event.

“I haven't rode halfpipe that much this season, but I'm feeling confident. It's great to compete in Finland,” said former 2012 World Cup title winner Janne Korpi.

Merika Enne added: “It's nice to compete here at Ruka. Last time (at Ruka World Cup) we had a really good pipe, and it's always nice to ride good halfpipes.”

However, Ella Suitiala knows already that some things might change compared to 2012: “You can't compare this contest to what it was two years ago. The level of riding has gone so much higher!”

Other countries who will have riders competing at Ruka are: France, Great Britain, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Australia, Canada, China and Croatia.