Weather forces organisers to cut short men's slopestyle qualifiers

10 January 2018 23:39
Bad weather made it hard for the men to compete in the slopestyle qualifiers at Aspen Snowmass
Bad weather made it hard for the men to compete in the slopestyle qualifiers at Aspen Snowmass -
Mateusz Kielpinski

Low visibility and heavy snowfall have mixed up the qualifiers for the season's second Slopestyle World Cup currently underway in Aspen Snowmass, USA.

While the ladies' competition was held in stable conditions with Jessika Jenson (USA) coming out as top qualifier (89.75) thanks to switch backside blunt 270 out to switch rock n roll before landing a cab 540 mute, a frontside 360 indy and backside 540 indy in the jump line, the men's qualification had to be cancelled after run one with the results counting to determine the finalists going for the win on Friday at 9:30 AM (5:30 PM CET).

However, riders like Red Gerrard (USA) in heat 1 as well as Japanese rippers Hiroaki Kunitake and Yuri Okubo in heat 2 did get along with the situation pretty good locking in some decent scores.

Kunitake, a 15-year-old from Aichi Prf. competing in his 6th World Cup, stomped a cab 270 on 270 out, a front lip slide to fakie as well as a cab 1260 underflip to backside 1260 and switch backside 1080 over the three kickers being awarded with the highest score of the day (90.75).

Gerard earned a 88.00 for his bluntslide 270 off nose grab and a backside disaster to fakie in the jibbing section while landing a switch backside 1260 indy, a backside 1080 double cork mute and a frontside 1080 tail to finish things off.

Last but not least, Big Air World Cup leader Okubo got pretty technical on top with a ½ cab to 50/50 to backside 360 tail off and also throwing down a front blunt 180 to boardslide to fakie.

He wrapped up his run with a cab 1260 mute, frontside 1080 mute and a backside 1260 mute to walk away with a 87.25.

The men's finals of the top five qualifiers of each heat will completed by Niklas Mattsson (SWE), Ryan Stassel (USA), Emil Andre Ulsletten (NOR), Mans Hedberg (SWE), Rene Rinnekangas (FIN), Chandler Hunt (US) and Tiarn Collins (NZL). 

Seven more ladies are accompanying Jenson to the finals: Reira Iwabuchi (JPN; 85.00), Christy Prior (NZL; 83.75), Sofya Fedorova (RUS; 72.25), Ty Walker (USA; 68.00), Tess Coady (AUS; 62.25), Klaudia Medlova (SVK; 60.50) as well as Jasmine Baird (CAN; 58.00).

The Snowmass Toyota U.S. Grand Prix will continue tomorrow with qualifiers of the seasons's fourth Halfpipe World Cup.

Slopestyle finals are scheduled for Friday 9:30 AM (5:30 PM CET).