Isabella LABOECK

a.k.a. Bella

Isabella LABOECK
Languages: German, English, Italian
Height: 168
Weight: 57
Birth place: Prien/Chiemsee
Occupation: Polizeimeisterin
Education: Fachoberschule
Hobbies: Reading, Hiking
Ski Club: VSC Klingenthal
  • Older siblings often play an important role when the younger ones choose to run another path. Sometimes, the clout is so intense that the new fresh course turns out to be a very successful one no one ever would have expected. This is the story of Isabella Laboeck.

    Animated by the support of her brother Dominik, who died way to early in a car accident, today's police constable strapped on the bindings of a snowboard for the very first time in 1992, at the tender age of six years. Young 'Bella' was immediately hooked by the new sport and put her hard boots on ever since. After two years, she already competed in her first FIS races.

    More successful competitions followed so the Prien-born quickly earned C squad membership, thus being part of the German junior national team.

    But 'Lisl' wasn't done yet. Unlike many other talents who rest on their laurels to early, she pushed herself thus paying back the trust put in her by the German Snowboard Federation.

    In 2006, 14 years after she stood on a snowboard for the very first time, Isabella claimed Silver in the parallel giant slalom at the FIS Junior World Championships held at Vivaldi Park, Korea.

    A vice-championship which is even worth much more as she shattered her thumb joint in a training accident suffered only two days prior the finals.

    However, as good things come to those who wait, the former blonde then black-haired now blonde again racer achieved her biggest goal at the 2013 FIS World Championships dedicating her biggest win to her brother.

    "This Gold is for my brother. I swore to myself to win the World Championships for him. Finally having done this means a lot to me," said Laböck after the race in Canada.

    But having won the title doesn't mean that the ambitious athlete is at the end of her road.

    "At the 2010 Olympics I finished 15th, an outcome which I didn't expect at all regarding the result I had brought home in the races before. But I will take this experience and bring it in the next Olympics hoping to do better at Sochi 2014."