Anke Karstens vs MuenchenTV

01 October 2012 14:35
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Year after year, the Bavarian capital is much influenced by the Munich Beer Festival, the Oktoberfest or so-called “Wiesn”.

And year after year, the local TV station MuenchenTV comes up with a special idea to ask Munich athletes or other sportsmen and women from Bavaria for an interview in a different surrounding.

Under the motto “Wiesn sport”, the TV crew met snowboarder Anke Karstens on the Theresienwiese, where the world's most famous beer fest takes place.

“We are amble over the Wiesn, have a chat and try to make everything a little bit more interesting by challenging our guests in different disciplines such as extreme yoyo,” explained editor Daniel Stock.

The presenter of the weekly sports block thus came upon Anke Karstens right next the Bavaria statue to compete against her in the disciplines blow bubbles, extreme yoyo and can knock down.

The 26-years-old rider from Bischofswiesen did pretty well but had to accept defeat after her opponent successfully bribed the judge.

“That's been wangling but I let him win. I get my chances in the up-coming winter season. So, I didn't want to leave him disappointed,” said the World Cup rider who had been part of a similar show last year, too.

“I knew what to expect. It's always fun and another good reason to visit the Wiesn.”

The interview will be broadcasted next Wednesday during the live coverage of this year's Oktoberfest, stage by stage and by hour.

On Thursday, the whole piece will be online, too: