Riding to Sochi – mission completed

15 May 2013 10:47
Riding_to_Sochi_Rings -

After a total of 3,110 km and 16 days in the saddle, Aaron March, Roland Fischnaller of the Italian race board national team as well as their head coach Erich Pramsohler and Austria's parallel snowboard veteran Sigi Grabner rolled in in Sochi on May 13.

The quartet experienced different countries, friendly people, numerous flats, bad roads and a few border crossing struggles on their way to the 2014 Olympic host city in Russia.

This is Grabner's last part of his road book:


We did it! Finally we arrived in Sochi. On the 16th day of our ride, after 3.110 km of distance and after having passed 8 different countries.

We have met very nice and very interesting people, have seen many different landscapes and had a lot of wind and a lot of fun. We are in the place now where we are going to compete for the Olympic medals in February 2014.

Man, what we see here is a 30km construction site! Road works are going on, everything is full of trucks and construction workers, there is a lot unfinished, but you can feel the movement. They will of course finish everything and it will be glamourous! I am looking forward to being a part of it.

We stayed just for one day in Sochi. Now we can go back home. The Italians will drive their huge bus – now that all the papers are complete, they won’t have any difficulties in passing the borders ;) and I am going by plane, together with our two fabulous media-men Daniel and Metchi, who have spent nights and days with filming, editing, cutting and uploading and deserve some sleep now.

Thank you so much guys, it was a good time together!

People please check out the video clips, this guy Metchi did a great job!