Riding to Sochi – of shorter distances and even more problems

13 May 2013 10:38
Pausa1 -

While the four cyclists Aaron, Erich, 'Fisch' and Sigi get closer to their final destination Sochi, it seems that the project fails just some 350 km in front of their finish.

But check what happened on day 14 by reading through Sigi Grabner's road book. And also find out, how exhausting hanging out at borders can be.

However, they are almost there!


We take the ferry boat in Kerch to cross over to the Russian boarder, it takes us only 25 minutes. Then we spend nearly the whole day at the Russian boarder control in Kavkas.

Our bus has not the necessary papers from Italy and is not allowed to enter into Russia without these papers. It’s clear that we are in problems now.

Two German speaking Kazach people happen to hear us speaking and offer their assistance. We are so lucky!

They do the impossible and organise an official translator and also an official local certifying notary. After hours of waiting and translating and stamping, 'Fisch' gets his papers for the bus and is allowed to enter into Russia.

Thank you, spassiba, danke! It is so great to meet people who just help you.

We learn that their names are Renat and Olga Wagner and that they run a little hotel in a nearby town, Anapa. We decide to stop in Anapa overnight and stay in their hotel.

Good to know that there are wonderful people in this world!


The challenges at the border control of yesterday have cost a lot of energy. We feel empty. Although the road along the Black Sea coast here would be very nice to ride - it is hilly (Caucasus Mountains are starting) and the climate is favourable, not too windy and mild - we are struggling to keep up our daily program.

The region is very beautiful and touristic – beach holidays would be nice now, or we’d better stay in one of the huge rehab-relax-wellness complexes and have a treatment and some nice massages...

After 216 km we arrive in Tuapse and are done.

Total distance pedalled: 2,922 km

Distance to Sochi: 119 km