Test of parallel start gates

20 December 2012 14:58
Test_Start_Gate -

One day prior to the season's first race of the Parallel World Cup in Carezza, Italy, riders got the chance to test the new start gates which will be used from now on.

At last season's World Cup finals, they also had had the opportunity to get a first impression of the new system.

Other than with the saloon swinging doors before, the gate drops down like a snowboard cross gate.

According to this, the race boarders got the time to get used to the modus operandi and the gate opening after three beeps.

FIS World Cup partner Swiss Timing put a test gate on the snow, right above the race slope called Pra di Tori.

As you can see in the video, it worked out pretty fine for the most although it might need some time to finally find the right adjustment for the handle bars.

But check yourself how the testing went and what the riders think of it.