The FIS Snowboard World Cup

15 October 2013 15:10
World Cup Globe

The FIS Snowboard World Cup is a worldwide contest series which features six different snowboard events:

  • big air

  • halfpipe 

  • slopestyle

  • snowboard cross

  • parallel slalom

  • parallel giant slalom

In each event, the best rider will be crowned at the end of the season winning the small Crystal Globe giving the minimum of three competitions per event has been staged.

In addition to the event titles, there is also an Overall World Cup titles for the best freestyle snowboarder (halfpipe, big air and slopestyle) as well as race boarder (PGS and PSL)

To find out, who will bring home the big Crystal Globe the system will work like this: 

The points from a rider's best freestyle snowboard contests (halfpipe, slopestyle and big air) or parallel races (PGS and PSL) will be added together to determine the overall freestyle snowboard or overall parallel snowboard champion.

A maximum of 6 events are taken into account regardless the event where the results are achieved. 

In contrary to both Snowboard Overall World Cup titles, the system to verify the winner of the event World Cups remains the same:

The rider who collects the highest sum of points in one event during the season - deducting throwaways if applicable - wins the World Cup.

Possible throwaways per competitions:

  • 1 - 6 competitions: no throwaway

  • 7 - 12 competitions: 1 throwaway

  • 13 - 18 competitions: 2 throwaways