40th Lapponia Hiihto in Olos from 10th - 13th April

Since 1978 Lapponia Ski Event challenges skiers of all levels to test their limits and have fun. Lapponia Hiihto offers three different distances, full, half and quarter races to choose from.

The competitions take place on superb trails from magical forests to wide open lakes and fells with challenging weather conditions. All races run towards Olos in Muonio. Lapponia Ski Event is a unique opportunity to enjoy skiing in scenery beyond and above your everyday trails.

Olos is the hub of Lapponia Ski Event where you find the race office and also entertainment program. Take a look at our routes and classes and choose your week's trails. See you at Lapponia Ski Event! Information on accommodation in Muonio area available here.

Ladies' 50 km Free

1. Aino-Kaisa SaarinenArctic Circle shuttle LtdFIN2: 20:11.5
2. Sini Alusniemikotivuorisport.fiFIN  +3: 50.6
3. Hennariikka RahkolaArctic Circle Transport LtdFIN +9: 39.8

Men's 50 km Free

1. Ristomatti Hakolatendon KöyriiFIN2:10:08.6
2. Kari VarisKolström NOSTALGIA 120FIN +0.4
3. Risto UusivirtaArctic Circle Transport LtdFIN+1.7