Marcialonga & Fiemme Ski WC partner for the environment


‘Do better means doing with less, with everyone and with respect. Do things in order to feel better and feel part of a community, as a distinctive element of the human intelligence and of the attitude of challenging'.

Marcialonga & Fiemme Ski World Cup OCs go hand in hand with the environment. As part of a sustainable and creative project, both committees in Italy's Trentino region have decided to give birth to a new partnership with a social cooperative based in Trento and named A.L.P.I.

It will all start in the winter of 2018 and will consist of reusing and refashioning items, giving a second life to them, converting old or discarded materials into something useful, beautiful and environmentally friendly. 'We always try to find new paths to follow, more sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly. We will do that together by upcycling certain discarded materials and giving them a new life. It is a way to demonstrate our deep respect to the environment we live in and to our planet.'

A brand new collection of fashion bags and shoebags has been created using old advertising banners and race bibs. All these items are one of a kind, absolutely unique pieces, handmade by people with different abilities and backgrounds who, through their work, look for a chance, a second chance.

In 2015, the European Commission put forward a package to support the EU's transition to a circular economy. In a circular economy the value of products and materials are maintained for as long as possible. Waste and resource use are minimised and when a product reaches the end of its life, it is used again. It all creates local jobs and social integration opportunities for people of any kind. The Marcialonga and the Fiemme Ski World Cup OCs decided to follow this path, a first step together while being as much environmentally friendly as possible.

Next Marcialonga winter ski marathon will take place on 28 January 2018, while the Fiemme Ski World Cup OC will get on track on 6 and 7 January (FIS Tour de Ski finals) plus 12-14 January (FIS Nordic Combined World Cup).

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