FIS is dedicated to safeguarding the spirit and evolution of snow sports and their contribution to history. Below is a series of books which have been published by the support of FIS. 

100 Years of International Skiing - FIS Congress Antalya 2010
The history of skiing is full of facts and figures, names and interesting stories. This book is designed to give readers a taste of its colorful story.

Editor: FIS
Authors: E. John B. Allen, E. Theiner
Languages: English
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: 978-3-902480-62-0

Skiing in Arts and Design
Skiing is both a serious sport and a cultural phenomenon. Using texts and striking pictures, the present book demonstrates how noted artists and designers have been creating items to advertise events in this sport from the very beginning.

Editor FIS, Marc Hodler Foundation
Author: Karin Rase 
Languages: German, English
Publication date: 2009
ISBN: 978-3-36100-653-9

Skiing in Fine Arts
Skiing in a panorama of international works of art in skiing, an unusual book for all interested in fine arts and sports.

Editor: FIS, Marc Hodler Foundation and German Ski Federation
Authors: Günter Witt, Karin Rase
Languages: English, German, French
Publication date: 2005
Edition Leipzig; ISBN: 3-361-00595-7 

75 Years of Skiing History in Stamps
On occassion of its 75 anniversary, FIS published a book including a variety of 1,200 stamps related to skiing with the largest part stemming from the private collectin of British ski pioneer James Riddell.

Editor: SAS, FIS
Languages: English, German
Publication date: 2000
ISBN: 3-908152-01-1