Alexandra JEKOVA

Alexandra has been competing on the international snowboard scene since she was 11. Her main discipline is snowboard cross although she has been competing in the Parallel World Cup, too, but stopped doing so a few years ago, despite the fact that she placed on the podium a few times.

She has won many titles during her climb up to the top of the FIS Snowboard World Cup Tour and also competed at the Winter Olympic Games in Torino and Vancouver.

Her succesfull riding vitae in short:

  • Eleven times Bulgarian National Champion 2003-2011
  • 1st for the Europa cup overall standings 2006
  • Two times 2nd at the Junior World Championships 2007
  • 13 times medalist from FIS Snowboard World Cups 2007-2012
  • Two times Gold medalist of FIS Snowboard World Cup 2011
  • 2nd in the Overall ranking for the FIS SBX World Cup Crystal Globe 2011
  • 3rd in the Overall ranking for the FIS SBX World Cup Crystal Globe 2012

Check out what Alexandra has to say:

My dad was one of the first men who started snowboarding in Bulgaria. He had the first ski and snowboard school in the country and I grew up on the slopes - skiing :) ...

As soon as I turned 8 and my dad finally found a small snowboard for me I started snowboarding. In the beginning I wasn't taking the sport very serious and I was practicing just on the weekends and in the winter school holidays, just for fun, but somehow I was good at it.

I was enjoying the speed and I loved to carve. I had this hunger to compete and to be a champion :) My goal was to ride like a man and just in few years I became the fastest girl/then women in the country.

I guess thats how I got a chance to compete on international level and started doing ISF Junior Worlds, then FIS races, Europa Cups and World Cups. My first years on the tour were not very professional and that's why they were not very successful.

We didn't had much financial support, we didn't had good snowboards, grindings, bindings, we didn't had any wax and we didn't had any "know how" about the conditional dry land trainings, the food, nutrition, recovery and etc...

I was an absolute tourist with big dreams and big expectations on my shoulders :D (we had to sleep in the car sometimes to save money and we were using incredible mixes of wax - whatever the hell we had).

We had to learn everything from our experience of "wrong and right" and it took us a very long time to become what we are now. I won the Overall Europa Cup and I won my first World Cup podium in Kronplatz Italy in 2006.

Then everything started to change slowly but in a good way. However, it took a long time to get what I was needing to be a champion.

Since my first two World Cup victories in Arosa 2011 I have 100% support from the Bulgarian Government, Ministry of Sport, Olympic Institute, Bulgarian Ski Federatio and from my personal sponsors Fibank, Audi, Mtel and Generali. I have the best gear-custom snowboards, custom grindings and I have two great coaches, a conditional trainer, one physio, one doctor as well as the experience and the "head" to be a Champion :)

My sport and me (as a face of the winter sports in the country) are very well recognized. We have a great media support and great fans. We put a lot of work and energy into making snowboarding popular and I had to share my heart to reach every single fan :)

The people love champions. They want to see me winning, they want to see the Bulgarian flag and hear the national anthem, but they also realize how hard is for our small and poor country to compete vs powers like the USA and Canada. The people support me and I want to win for them!