Julia Murray, or Jules, is another Whistler skier on the strong Canadian team.

What are your goals for 2010?

All of my life I have grown up skiing on the mountains of Whistler/Vancouver. To know I have the chance to compete in the Olympic games held on my home turf opens up a field of opportunities for me. I automatically broaden my goals. First of all my goal is to make finals in every race coming up to the Olympics. This will lead to my goal of being selected for the Olympic team. The next step is to compete for the gold medal in the Whistler/Vancouver 2010 Olympic games with my teammates in front of my family and friends.

How did you get into your sport?

I started skiing when I was 2 years old. My mother got me on skis as early as possible. Skiing is in my family. My Father, Dave Murray, was a "Crazy Canuck" downhill ski racer. He went to the Olympics twice in his career as a skier, once in Innsbruck and another in Lake Placid. My Mother, Stephanie Sloan, was a three-time World Champion freestyle skier. She competed in all 3 events: Moguls, Aerials, and Ballet skiing. I ski raced all through high school and took the year after to dedicate to my alpine career. The next spring, I was invited to a ski cross camp. It was a ton of fun. I kept getting invited back to selection camps over the summer and fall of 2007. I eventually got named to the Canadian National Ski Cross team.

Describe a bit about your hometown, about how you got started there in your sport.

Whistler is full of world-class athletes as well as all round active people. Whistler has so much to offer, so to grow up in Whistler without being active is out of the question. I always want to make use of the mountains, either on a powder day or for training. Throughout high school I was in a program that allowed me to miss a couple of days of school per week so I could train more on the hill. This made for a more challenging high school experience, but also allowed me to gain more and more experience on skis, which definitely pays of now.

What is it about your hometown that inspired you in your sport?

My Father made a great mark in the Whistler community. Even after his death in 1990 from melanoma, people will always remember him as an amazing person. I am constantly reminded of him through fellow locals in my community. Everyone knows of who I am and lets me know how much I am like my father. The Olympic downhill run is named after my father (Dave Murray Downhill) and every day after skiing through my entire life, that was my last run down the hill to home. I would race my Mother down it and eventually, after just a few years, I started winning.
The fact that everyone in Whistler takes advantage of the mountains also inspires me to continue loving the sport I live for.

How would you describe yourself?

I am an outgoing positive person who tries to make the best of any situation. I don't take anything for granted. Over the past 20 years of growing up in an athletic, healthy town, I have learned to take advantage of the outdoors and live a healthy life. I always like to meet new people and hear different stories of their lives.

What is one of the biggest challenges you've faced in reaching your goals in this sport?

One major challenge was the decision of whether or not to keep skiing, or go to University. I have made the best of both worlds. After the season of ski cross last year, I attended the University of Victoria for an accelerated spring semester. I have definitely made the right decision to commit myself to my number one priority of skiing to my potential.
Other than that, it is just simple: the harder I work, the more it will pay off.

What do you consider of one of your biggest accomplishments to date?

My biggest accomplishment was last season winning the Sun Valley Jeep King of the Mountain race competing against fellow World Cup skiers. Another large accomplishment was last years final World Cup in Meiringen, Switzerland in which I placed 4th.

What other interests do you have outside your sport?

I like mountain biking, road biking, running, and swimming in the lakes around the Whistler area.
Over the summers I spend a lot of time on Hornby Island (one of the gulf islands). I make full use of the sandy beaches and ocean. I love beach volleyball on a chill sunny day. I love camping, campfires and being with friends and family when I'm at home.