Over the past years, there have been many rumors and discussions about race or alpine snowboarding being dead or dying out.

But facing the truth, this discipline is still alive, develops and progresses quickly due to new inventions, technical staff and new companies and still has its fans all over the world.

Which also does help the sport to grow are people like Nevin Galmarini who not only do what they love but even go a step further.

For more than 15 years now, the Swiss national team member has been snowboarding. When his dad who was a passionated windsurfer and his brother Arno tried the new hype on the slope young Nevin of course wanted to follow up and quickly fell in love with what he was doing on snow.

Despite the fact that he was still in ski boots on his first F2 board and the only one in school for a long time.

Ever since, he has been into carving but also likes to go for some jibbing runs, too. Maybe this is why Nevin is able to think out of the box and sees some kind of bigger picture.

I love both aspects of snowboarding almost equally. Needless to say that I take my freestyle equipment on powder days. I also try to hit the park as much as I can.

Pushing myself, jibbing the park and be creative with my buddies is something I wouldn't miss,” explains the Olympian.

However, there is only one thing he wants to do contest-wise: “To me, there's only one choice for competition: race boarding! It's a pure sport and the faster guy wins, no judges.

I like to cut the slopes hard and feel the forces. I like to be fast or to be able to decide fast. And I absolutely like the mental aspects of parallel competitions: Be cool if you're in front - push harder if you're behind!”

As Nevin made it to be one of the world's best over the past six years having competed in 62 World Cup races until the end of the 2013 season, the pro snowboarder who loves the Motta Naluns in Scuol decided to give something back to those who are as passionated for carving as he is.

The three-time top-3 World Cup race finisher (3rd in Arosa 2011 and Stoneham 2012 as well as 2nd in Moscow 2013) created his own camp called “Nevin Galmarinis Snowboard Carving Camp”.

I had to do this as there are almost no offers for conventional carvers to learn or improve their carving skills.

It was also a chance for me to find out what's going on in the race boarding scene. And I also wanted to teach all the guys a lesson who have no idea about carving and always say: alpine snowboarding is dead.”

Thanks to his good contacts in the scene he easily achieved the goal of let normal people ride with the best by inviting World Cup mates such Sigi Grabner (AUT), Roland Fischnaller (ITA) and Justin Reiter (USA) as snowboard instructors and embassadors.

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