Aerialist Ryan St. Onge - who made the U.S. Ski Team at 14 - has taken things one step, one flip, one turn, one Junior World Championships medal and one World Cup victory at a time. His passion for aerials and his steadiness have him on top of major athletic success.

The 2009 season held nothing but success for the aerialist. St. Onge broke the top 10 barrier twice before making a splash at the Deer Valley resort with his first World Cup win since 2006. "I really wanted to win instead of just being in the back of the pack," St. Onge said of the night. St. Onge wasn't done there, though, as he took to the scaffolding in downtown Moscow to win another World Cup in front of the sport's largest crowd ever. But, St. Onge's crowning moment came as he landed a flawless jump to win a World Championship gold medal. St. Onge is not only a force, but a force to be reckoned with.

The son of a freestyle official, St. Onge skied at 2 when the family lived in Connecticut. He joined Winter Park's freestyle program when the family moved in the mid-Nineties to Colorado. Like so many young athletes then, he was a combined skier before settling into aerials. He won the 2000 Junior Worlds aerials title (after taking bronze in '99) and still occasionally skis moguls.


"Stonj"...Taking college classes at Westminster in Salt Lake City, thanks to the U.S. Ski Team scholarship program; I also took French in the accelerated Hoyt Dartmouth Language Program...I won five Junior Worlds medals and my older brother, Chad, and I each medaled at the '97 Junior Worlds...Mountain biking but also heavy on water fun, such as SCUBA diving and sailing...Chinese food, especially sesame chicken...