When talking about snowboarding many riders say „it’s a way of life“. This phrase seems to fit to every snowboarder, but even more to riders from Australia who are considered to be laid back, easy going and natural born surfers who love chilling music.

Alex Pulllin combines all those “down under” attitudes with a competitive character summing up in a strong World Cup rider who stormed into the scene over the past two years thus being a strong force to watch on the battle field called snowboard cross course.

But although “Chumpy” has this hunger to win, which is mandatory to make it on top of the world (“I’m focused on being the best I can be.”), sheer will does not make a complete athlete. The Eden Cove resident is not only a technical rider and good at starts but also fearless when it comes down to head-to-head situations. In addition, he is able to play with the terrain as he also tries to ride as much backcountry and powder days he can score during the season.

But powder days are not really what come to your mind when thinking of Australia, a country more known for their surfing than snowboarding history. According to this, it had to be a family connection which brought the guitar player of his own band consisting of him, his sister and a friend, falling in love with winter sport.  “My parents own a ski and board shop. So I was skiing from a young age and dad hooked me up with a board when I was around nine years old. I quickly became an addict.”

Ever since, his first snowboard experience and his family pioneered his path. “My parents have always given me so much support. Coming from Australia, it’s a big deal to chase the snow all year round. When I was younger, they always helped me to organize trips up the mountain with older crew, gave me days off school to ride and compete in contests.”

Meanwhile Alex, who is also into mountain biking and surfing, has found another back up while being on tour for so many months. Being part of a national team consisting of only one racer, the Aussie squad has joined forces with the Bulgarian team.

That this coalition was the right move is easily to be proven by looking on his latest results. After constantly placing better season after season, the 1987-born brought home several top-10 results, finally winning his first World Cup in his fourth big final appearance (Valmalenco, 2010). While some more top-3 finishes followed including two wins his career's highlight so far was the Gold medal at the 2011 World Championships (SBX) - and the successfully keeping hold to that title two years later.

In 2015, Chumpy is keen to better his 2014 World Cup results, a season full of ups and downs while also aiming for a World Championships title three-peat.