Åre 2019 to be fossil fuel free

The 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships has joined forces with the Jämtland County government to promote sustainable development and limit climate impact through fossil fuel free World Championships, it was announced last week.

The 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Are is proud to be part of the ambitious agreement to stage fossil fuel-free World Championships in 2019

The broad-based charter, initiated by the County government and developed in cooperation with the Jämtland Härjedalen Region, the municipalities of Åre and Östersund, and the Organisers of both Åre 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships and the Östersund 2019 IBU Biathlon World Championships, as well as the World Championship Region 2019, defines a number of concrete measures that will pave the way for a new milestone in winter sports event organisation and help forge a more sustainable future.

“Ensuring positive legacies and showing respect for the environment are at the core of our mission and integrated in all our work. To manage the event’s impact further, we have created a structured sustainability programme and one of our priorities is limiting climate impact by reducing the event’s carbon footprint,“ said Niklas Carlsson, CEO of Åre 2019.

The agreement for a fossil fuel free World Championships Region 2019 outlines a number of commitments to ensure that the 2019 Championships promote sustainable practices and development in areas such as public transport, electric vehicles, renewable energy and innovation. It builds upon the existing vision of the Jämtland Härjedalen Region to become a fossil fuel free region by 2030 and furthers a cooperation known as the Green Highway, set up with the neighbouring Trondelag region of Norway.