China increases World Snow Day action significantly

The Chinese nationwide World Snow Day action has grown steadily over the past four years. For 2018, the event took its biggest leap by more than doubling the number of events since 2017. With 55 locations, this will be the largest World Snow Day in China to date.

Coordinated by the Chinese Ski Association, Event Organisers have taken a direct and easy approach to bringing children to snow sports. For one day, all 55 locations will provide a combination of free lift passes, free lessons and/or free rental equipment for children. These actions will then be combined with on-snow entertainment such as live music, treasure hunts and kids’ snow games.

Past numbers have shown these actions to be effective with a combined total to date of over 120,000 participants.

For the full list of events in China and other World Snow Day events visit the World Snow Day Event locator via the link below: