Committee in Focus: PR & Mass Media, and Advertising Committees goes digital

With the completion of both the PR and Media, and Advertising Committees meetings the common thread amongst all was the rise and importance of an online digital presence from social media channels to the type of device fans are using.

As Jürg Capol, FIS Marketing Director stated in his presentation “we are in an information rich world” using a famous quote from 1978. The increased presence of the FIS disciplines on major social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube will only help to bring more exposure to a younger demographic and increase the value of the FIS product as a whole. 

The explosion of video on the social media platforms was a major source of discussion in the PR and Media Committee as well. The members discussed the fine line between protecting the television broadcasting rights, while presenting footage on social channels to promote the sport. Enhancing how athletes are presented and promoted was also a major theme throughout the meeting, which was staged on the first day of the Congress week.

With the rise of smart phones and tablets in the digital world, FIS research data reinforced the importance of having content available on mobile friendly platforms, as well as the results of a survey conducted with users of the FIS App.

To date more than 270,000 people worldwide have downloaded the FIS App, which has exceeded the goals set. The majority of users come from central Europe, with Italy having the largest download rate. Live timing is the most utilised section presently, and in the upcoming months the video highlight clips will be modified to have a better presence to increase views.