Comprehensive FIS Anti-Doping testing programme in 2016/17 season

The past FIS World Championship season saw a large testing programme in close collaboration with various National Anti-Doping Agencies who collected the In-Competition samples at the FIS World Championships in their respective country. Altogether these were 722 In-Competition Urine tests. One of the key activities remains collecting athlete biological passport (ABP) tests.

In the 2016/17 season (including the training period) between 1st May 2016 and 15th April 2017, FIS conducted out-of-competition a total of 496 urine (277 incl erythropoiesis-stimulating agents, ESAs), 272 blood and 736 blood passport collections.

Many more doping control samples were collected in the FIS disciplines under the authority of the National Anti-Doping Agencies. These numbers are not included in the detailed FIS statistics below.

Statistics FIS testing 2016/17