Continued snow sports development in Brazil

The development of snow sports in Brazil has increased quickly. Much of the credit for the rise is thanks to the Brazilian Ski Association (CBDN) which has worked tirelessly to activate actions to build snow sports in the country.

FIS took a moment to speak with Brazilian Ski Association President Stefano Arnhold to get further insight into the country’s SnowKidz programme.

Your SnowKidz programme for 2017 is very comprehensive. Can you give us more insight into its rapid expansion?

We had a first taste in 2015 and really liked it, so we decided to fully incorporate it to our strategic planning. When we look at the youngsters and what we have to provide to engage them in our sports, the SnowKidz programme is an amazing tool.

In this sense, we adapted some of our events and we created others to give this age group an opportunity to engage in the sport.

For 2017, we have a full calendar of events from March to November. Our 2017 SnowKidz programme includes six Cross-Country events in four different cities in two countries where we aim to provide fun sports activities for youngsters in different environments and conditions. The activities range from Rollerski in Interlagos, the famous F1 circuit in Brazil going through a fun race in “Snowland” the first South American indoor, located in the South of Brazil and Rollerski Cross races in the beautiful Damha Eco-Sports Park, located in São Carlos, 250k from São Paulo.

How do you see the future of the SnowKidz programme and snow sports in Brazil?

We see a bright future for the SnowKidz programme. It is a great tool for the nations to provide tailored activities for one of the most important audiences we have. If it is up to Brazil, SnowKidz is going keep expanding fast as it has so far.

For Brazil, we hope to keep achieving our goals in order to fulfil our dream and put Brazil as a competitive nation in snow sports as well, and we see the SnowKidz programme as important part of getting there.

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