Finland’s award winning Lumilajit Liikuttavat expands significantly

In 2016, Lumilajit Liikuttavat won the coveted FIS SnowKidz Award and was recognised as the best programme worldwide to bring children to the snow. Since this time, the project has expanded significantly.

Following the victory, the programme coordinators and the Finnish Ski Association added a number of tools that looked at educating the people who work with children in snow sports. One such tool is a comprehensive video series showing the general public the basics of Cross-Country Skiing and Ski Jumping. To distribute the series, a new website and YouTube channel were established. The videos have been shared throughout the Finnish snow sports community and become an important asset for future snow sports families.

A series of parent and coaches seminars were also added to Lumilajit Liikuttavat calendar. The seminars create a comfortable atmosphere, which allow parents and coaches to ask questions directly to the experts.

In 2018, Lumilajit Liikuttavat will once again vie for the SnowKidz Award. Early indications show there will be strong competition from Switzerland, Sweden, Greece, Norway, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

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