FIS athletes invited to participate in IOC survey

The IOC is pleased to announce that the Athlete Charter survey for elite athletes is now live, in order for the athletes’ voice to be heard, to empower and protect them and to shape the Athlete Charter of Rights and Responsibilities.

The Athlete Charter of Rights and Responsibilities(Athlete Charter) aims to articulate the rights of athletes, and their responsibilities, in an inspirational yet straightforward document developed through an inclusive process. The goal is a body of fundamental principles that are both universal and flexible enough to adapt to athletes’ needs across the full range of sports and countries.

Currently organised around five key topics, the draft Athlete Charter addresses the most relevant issues athletes face today. These include: 

1) Integrity and Clean Sport

2) Governance and Communication

3) Career and Marketing

4) Safeguarding

5) Sports Competition. 

It is an athlete-driven initiative, developed by athletes, for athletes. Its development is a step-by-step and collaborative process with all stakeholders, with the content of the Athlete Charter driven by listening to athlete views worldwide. The Athlete Charter Steering Committee invites elite-level athletes throughout the world to share their voice and contribute to a second-phase survey that will continue to shape this important document. This aims to become the world’s largest athlete-focused survey ever commissioned.

All athletes who are already registered to Athlete365 have received an e-mail with the unique link to complete it. Those who are not yet registered can go to to sign up and take the survey. On that page, more information about the project is collected as well, including the current draft of the Athlete Charter, with key areas and principles, released at the end of May by the Steering Committee.

The IOC would like to encourage as many elite athletes as possible to complete the survey.