FIS Council measures relating to the Russian doping affair

To date, the IOC Oswald Commission has disqualified eleven (11) Russian Cross-Country athletes from the Olympic Winter Games (OWG): Legkov, Belov, Vylegzhanin, Petukhov, Ivanova, Shapovalova, Dotsenko, Chekaleva, Matveeva, Kriukov, Bessmertnykh and suspended them from all future OWGs. The athletes have appealed these decisions to the CAS. On 30th November 2017, 1st and 22nd December the FIS Doping Panel (FDP) has issued provisional suspensions of these athletes.

On proposal of the FDP, the FIS Council has taken a number of decisions including the following:

1. The FIS Council takes note of the legal proceedings relating to the individual athlete doping cases that are currently in progress before the FDP.

2. The FIS Council respects the IOC Decision to suspend the Russian National Olympic Committee (ROC). It also supports the endeavours of the IOC Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR) Implementation Group and the Russian Athlete Eligibility Panel to identify those individual Russian athletes and support personnel who shall be admitted to the Olympic Winter Games 2018.

3. For the time being, based upon existing evidence, the FIS Council does not intend to suspend the Russian Ski Association (RSA) from FIS related activities. However, it hereby issues a warning and expects full cooperation and support in the implementation of the IOC Decisions concerning Russian athletes and support personnel. It furthermore expects full cooperation in respecting the decisions of the FDP and eventual subsequent decisions of CAS.

4. The FIS Council will closely follow the investigations by the different institutions into the possible involvement of the RSA in the conspiracy and take appropriate action if such involvement can be demonstrated.

5. In accordance with the FIS Anti-Doping Rules, the RSA is required to cover the FIS legal and operational costs in dealing with the Russian doping cases and the support provided in establishing Russian independent anti-doping testing in 2016 and 2017.

6. The RSA shall assist the FIS Council, the FDP and any persons appointed by the FIS to fully support any investigations related to the doping conspiracy as described in the IOC Commission Reports and to timely and comprehensively respond to any question asked.

7. The international skiing and snowboarding events listed in the FIS Calendar for the 2017-2018 season that have been assigned to Russia can take place as scheduled.

8. If the FIS Council deems that inadequate measures have been taken, and/or the RSA has not fully co-operated with the investigations; and/or there are additional doping cases which have arisen in addition to the dis-closures in the IOC Commission Reports and IOC Disciplinary Commission; and/or and evidence showing possible involvement of the RSA in the Sochi 2014 conspiracy, they reserve the right to take additional measures against the RSA.