FIS represented at inaugural Safe Sport International Conference

Safe Sport International hosted the first global summit in Madrid (ESP) to address all forms of violence and abuse in sport last weekend. Representatives from six continents and 25 nations received presentations from leading researchers in the field, the IOC Safeguarding Toolkit authors, practical experts, and survivors, whose statements provided impact and understanding of the real issues – finally victors not victims.

The messages were very simple – safe sport for all!

Anne Tiivas, Chairman and Director of SSI signed the Madrid 2018 Declaration of intent to end all forms of harassment and abuse in sport.

Jenny Shute (GBR), FIS Medical Committee secretary and Youth & Children’s Sub-Committee liaison made a presentation on behalf of FIS on the progress made towards integration and development of safeguarding athletes and participants from harassment and abuse in the FIS sports.

She commented: "This conference marked a seminal moment in international sport, and we have a huge opportunity to develop and deliver safer sport for all. I am delighted that FIS is taking a lead in this important field."