FIS Snow Safe Policy - Safe Sport for All

All athletes, staff and volunteers have the right to participate and develop in sport, in a safe and inclusive environment, free from all forms of discrimination, abuse, violence, neglect and exploitation, which is why FIS has created the FIS Snow Safe Policy.

The FIS Snow Safe Policy serves the following needs:

  • sets out the FIS policies and provides guidance for developing best practice in caring for athletes and participants, and also defines the various forms of abuse;
  • defines and separates areas of responsibility between FIS and the National Ski Associations (NSAs), the Organisers of major FIS events and staff / volunteers appointed by FIS;
  •  contains a commitment to the welfare of all involved, an in-competition policy, and guidance for the National Ski Associations;
  • describes the ways in which to develop national and international best practice to safeguard athletes of all ages from harassment and abuse.

The FIS Snow Safe Policy also describes the impact of harassment and abuse on athletes and on sports organisations, which may be long-lasting and very serious. Recognising the signs of abuse, and reporting all concerns, are key skills for all persons who are involved in sport.

The aims of the FIS Snow Safe policy are to:

  • promote good practice;
  • provide all athletes with appropriate safety and protection whilst involved in activities under the jurisdiction of FIS, NSAs and Organisers of FIS major events;
  • to allow staff and volunteers to make informed and confident responses to specific safeguarding and athlete/child protection issues. 

FIS strongly encourages all NSAs to adopt the general principles of Safeguarding, defining their own Policies and Procedures, in accordance with their own national legal framework. FIS can provide support and guidance to NSAs to set up policies for the prevention of harassment and abuse within their nations, as well as to Organisers of major FIS World Championships and Junior World Championships.

The FIS Snow Safe Policy has been compiled with the input and oversight of international specialists and therefore conforms to general legal principles.

The kick-off workshop to support NSAs with their own Snow Safe Policy will be run at the FIS Technical Committee Meetings, in conjunction with the Youth & Children’s Seminar on Wednesday 26th September, 2018. All nations are strongly advised to send a representative to this workshop.

Together, the FIS Family can work globally to create safer sport for all.