General Assembly of French Ski Association in Paris

The 87th General Assembly of the French Ski Association (FFS) took place from 16th-17th June 2017 at the headquarters of the French Olympic Committee in Paris. 

In the presence of all delegates representing the 17 Regional Committees, the Assembly approved the accounts and heard reports from the various committees.

In an extraordinary session, the Assembly dealt with topics including the territorial reform, the statues of the French Ski Association and the regional leagues.

Furthermore, the fourth edition of the ‘Forum of Presidents’ gathering representatives of the 1,100 member clubs, took stock of the actions implemented within the framework of the National Plan of Development. The session focused on three themes:

1) pursuing the strategy to assist and service clubs
2) modernising operations within the Federation
3) innovating in the field of competition and event organisation.

Besides an open exchange on these topics, the Forum honoured the contributions of volunteers to the French Ski Association.