GISS-China makes its debut at World Winter Sports Expo 2017 in Beijing

The new ‘Get into Snow Sports (GISS)-China’ project was highly visible at the 2nd edition of the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2017 (WWSE 2017) held at the China National Convention Centre from 7th-10th September.

Organised by the Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA) and International Data Group (IDG), WWSE 2017 is the largest gathering of the winter sports industry in China this year. It saw more than 100 speakers, 400 brands, 9,000 distributors, over 500 media and tens of thousands of visitors exploring the future development of winter sport in China.

Entitled “Leading the Way,” WWSE 2017 highlighted the many opportunities and challenges presented by the goal of President Xi Jingping’s government to introduce 300 million Chinese to winter sport by the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. It also served as a platform for both the key international and China’s winter sport industry to discuss ways to strengthen their cooperation.

During the main conference opening session FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis provided an overview of the global activities of FIS, with a special focus on FIS’s efforts to develop snow sports at the grass-roots level through programmes such as Bring Children to the Snow and GISS-China, which will launch this season in China.

The full house of attendees of the ‘Youth Training to Popularise Winter Sports Forum’ received a detailed introduction to the Get into Snow Sports (GISS)-China programme, which was the topic of a panel discussion: ‘The New Era of Youth Ice and Snow Sport,’ which included Sarah Lewis as well as Chris Solly, Director of the World Academy of Sport, one of the core partners of GISS-China. Solly also presented on ‘The Development and Cultivation of Winter Sports Talents Worldwide’ at the ‘Winter Sports Talents Development Forum.’

Those interested in learning more about GISS-China could visit a booth in the middle of the massive expo, arranged by the GISS-China programme’s commercial partner Alisport.

“The World Winter Sport Expo Beijing 2017 has shown the global sport and industry the huge potential and interest in developing high-level competitions, recreation and winter sport tourism in China. Get Into Snow Sports: GISS-China will serve a key role in facilitating the introduction of substantial numbers of new participants over the next five years,” commented Sarah Lewis.

Finnish Ski Association signs letter of intent with Harbin region to develop snow sports culture and train experts in China

Among the initiatives undertaken by National Ski Associations to develop winter sports in China, the Finnish Ski Association announced last week that it has signed a letter of intent with the Harbin region and local government to provide consultation and assistance to the area in creating a snow sports culture with a special focus on ski sports. Harbin belongs to the Heilongjiang province which is known as one of the main winter sports regions in China. 

“This agreement is a significant first step for the Finnish Ski Association, making it possible to continue negotiations. A lot of meetings and negotiations are still needed before launching concrete measures,” commented Mika Kulmala, Executive Director of the Finnish Ski Association.