Governance: Adoption of FIS Safe Snow Policy - Engagement of Global Sports Investigations

The FIS Congress 2016 in Cancun decided to include in its Statues to encourage all member nations “to develop policies to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young persons under the objectives of FIS, along with implementing relevant policies”.

The FIS Safeguarding Policy has now been developed and approved to also assist the National Ski Associations implement policies for safeguarding athletes from harassment and abuse in sport. Under the guidance of Jenny Shute (GBR), FIS Medical Committee Secretary with input and review from different FIS representatives of the Committees for Youth & Children, Legal and Safety, Athletes Commission alongside global experts, Information sessions took place during the FIS Congress with the FIS Medical, Youth & Children, Legal and Safety Committees and the Athletes Commission.

Additionally the Council approved the establishment of the system to protect the integrity of sport and the FIS and handle breaches of governance and ethical matters to ensure our unequivocal no-tolerance policy against all aspects of unethical behaviour; including doping, corruption, manipulation of competitions, safeguarding against harassment and abuse can be addressed appropriately. An agreement has been made with “Global Sports Investigations” to provide independent services, including a Whistleblower Hotline, Investigation Services and an Ethics and Compliance Officer.