Important education for athletes and officials to protect sport from competition manipulation

The IOC recently launched the IOC Awareness programme for the prevention of manipulation of competitions.

This programme is now available on the Olympic Athletes Hub and contains e-learning as well as a 10 question Quiz. The 10 questions are related to various topics such as cheating, betting, inside information and obligation to report.

Upon the successful completion of the quiz, a certificate will be issued. Participation and results can be monitored by the IOC and communicated to your organisation. The programme is in more than 10 different languages.

The IOC and forbid all forms of participation in, or support for, sports betting on their competitions and FIS strongly encourages all of its athletes and officials to complete this educational programme.


“This programme is an excellent tool for anyone involved in sports to use for further education on the very important topic of betting and corruption. The small amount of time spent completing the quiz will pay dividends for the participants to better understand the regulations and reasons for them,” said FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis.

The programme is at the disposal of all sports organisations who wish to educate their members on the topic of the manipulation of competitions and in line with the newly adopted For more information, please consult the IOC's information page.

Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions.

National Ski Associations have been sent a communication from FIS with further details about this IOC programme for the prevention of manipulation of competitions to share with their athletes and officials