International Sports Federations prepare to lead the way on sustainability

Given the significant changes being created by global warming as a result of environmental pollution and pollutants originating in human activity, speaker after speaker from sport and other organisations invited to this year’s IF Forum last week in Lausanne (SUI), shared case studies outlining the actions they are taking, and appealed to peers to take advantage of the unique opportunity in sport, to lead the way towards a sustainable agenda – the focus for this year’s conference programme established by SportAccord Convention in close cooperation with the IOC Sustainability Department.

Delegates heard how new voices and new strategies are taking the lead – and how sport can shift attitudes towards achieving global sustainability. Speakers reinforced the view that sport is in a unique position to raise awareness on many levels, engage fans and global citizens everywhere, as well as empower young volunteers and change-makers, with sustainable initiatives and show how innovations can be impactful.

The urgency and poignancy of these messages were the subject of 24 presentations and case studies throughout the IF Forum from 8th-10th November 2017, attended by 109 International Sports Federations and associate members, as well as seven observer organisations.

FIS played an active role in the programme with the Lahti 2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships sharing their sustainability initiatives presented by Janne Leskinen, Lahti 2017 Secretary General and introduced by Jenny Wiedeke, FIS Communications Manager. Secretary General Sarah Lewis led an interactive workshop session on climate.

She commented: ”There is significant engagement from the International Federations with their sustainability activities who are being strongly supported by the IOC Sustainability Department and sharing experiences, efforts and initiatives was highly beneficial. The adopted back in 1994 has given us an important platform to continue to evolve FIS activities.”

FIS Environmental Manifesto