Introducing FIS World Championship Candidates – Trondheim

Every week between now and the FIS Congress 2018, FIS will introduce one of the Candidates to host the FIS World Ski Championships that will be elected in Costa Navarino (GRE) on 17th May. This week, FIS Newsflash will feature Trondheim (NOR), which is one of two Candidates bidding to host the 2023 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.

Compact, High Tech and Climate Friendly in Trondheim

An unforgettable celebration of skiing excellence and an important contribution to developing the sport internationally – Trondheim is looking forward to showing the world how it can achieve all of this in the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2023.

Trondheim is a beautiful city in the heart of Norway, surrounded by a famous fjord and snow-capped mountains - often referred to as a tech junkie's paradise and a history nerd's dream. Trondheim is the capital of a region where skiing and winter activities are deeply ingrained in the culture. Skiing is part of Norway’s history, its soul, and DNA. Proved by more than 300’000 enthusiastic spectators during the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1997 - still holding the record of sold number of tickets. A record, Trondheim intends to break in 2023.

The Championships in Trondheim will be compact and climate-friendly. With short distances and a city centre that can accommodate the entire event. The Bid Committee invests a great deal in creating one of the world's leading skiing centres, and will take advantage of the opportunities Trondheim offers as one of the world’s foremost technology cities. While it is designing the infrastructure and facilities, it will explore ways to give the public a whole new experience of skiing as a sport both in the arena and on TV, in an era of digital and mobile media.

We hope to see you all in Trondheim. 

Trondheim – a taste of the winters to come.

Text courtesy of Trondheim 2023 Bid Committee