Japanese ladies dominate Frenstat Summer Grand Prix

Japanese star jumpers Yuki Ito and Sara Takanashi were the winners for the two Grand Prix competitions in Frenstat (CZE) last weekend.

During the first-ever summer Grand Prix for the ladies’ in Frenstat, the fans were treated to two exciting competitions. Yuki Ito won the first of the two with jumps of 95.5 and 93 metres. The surprise of the day was Lucile Morat (FRA) who took second place. Maren Lundby rounded out the podium.

The other surprise of the first day was the disqualification of the ‘Queen of Summer’ Sara Takanashi, who was disqualified for having skis that were too long.

But the next day, Takanashi was back in business with a stellar performance, jumping 97.5 and 102 metres, placing her well ahead of Lundby in second place and Ito, who took her second podium of the weekend in third place. Compared to the sunny 30 degree weather the previous day, the athletes had to battle cold rainy conditions during the second competition, which made the outcome hard to predict.

The Ladies’ Grand Prix continues on 9th-10th September in Chaikovsky (RUS) with the final events of the summer season. Yuki Ito now leads the overall raking with 220 points followed by Sara Takanashi with 180 points and Maren Lundby with 176 points, setting up a thrilling finale for this year’s Grand Prix.

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