Growing up both skateboarding and skiing Jeff Batchelor discovered his true love for snowboarding at the young age of eight. That same year he spent countless days washing windows for $2 an hour in order to collect enough money to purchase his first snowboard.

And this effort clearly paid off. Inspired and influenced by the N64 game "Nagano Winter Olympics 1988" he decided that he wants to go to this major event sometime. In 2010 Jeff Batchelor has achieved this goal by being the medal hopeful for Canada at the Games held right in his backyard.

After having competed in his first ever World Cup in 2005 at Whistler, BC, where he finished 56th, the Oakville, Ontario, resident quickly stepped it up. Hitting the halfpipes around the world with an aggressive style which he calls "large, relentless with a hint of testosterone" his huge air time and superb trick execution put him right on top of his first ever World Cup podium at Sungwoo, in 2007.

Although he added four more podiums and one more victory on the world wide circuit to his belt, the 21-years-old who leads the national team into the 2010 Olympics has still a strong connection to the Korean winter sport resort which he reminds as favourite stop of the tour and as "such a ridiculous layout for snowboarding and getting rowdy".

In 2009, at the 8th FIS Snowboard World Championships the outgoing character, who has learned to promote himself in the media over the last years, finished as runner-up in the halfpipe finals thus earning his biggest success as a competitor.

And as he hasn't had any serious injury in his career's first five years, it's pretty likely that this goofy rider, who prefers to listen to some heavy trance music boasting some serious bass when dropping in the pipe, will add some more top results in the nearer future.