Kadri Pihla, Estonian national snowboard team since 2006, only female athlete in estonian snowboard Team.

Started snowboarding in high age from 19 years by change, turning into pro in year 2007.

Training mostly alone, no coach, no team. In this point the way to the top is very difficult and the improvement in high level very slow.

In the summertime living in Estonia/ Tallinn, the rest of the time in France Alps Serre Chevalier.

First Estonian, who has been competing in the Winter X-Games.

Goals: World championship 2013, Olympic Games 2014.

Highlights of her career:

  • 5 time Estonian Champion in SBX
  • 11'th best place in WC
  • 10'th place in 15'th Winter X-Games in Aspen
  • 19'th place WC Season 2010/11