I started with skijumping in the age of 5. I thought it was so fine that my father bought me a pair of skijumping skies. That´s how it all started . I decided to become a skijumper quite early when I found out that I could jump in summer and winter time. Then I calmed down my Football dreams.

After some great years between the age of 10-15 came some hard years. But it all turned the last year on NTG (ski gymnasium in Lillehammer). And after that season I got a A-team spot, something that was very surprisingly.

But after three years I lost the spot and got the spot on the B-team. After a year with fighting and fighting I had my best season.But I haven´t been lucky all the way in the hill. In 2003 I broke my leg during training in Lillehammer. And in 2010 I had a ACL injury after falling in k35 in Drammen.