Killington committed to renewable energy sources

Audi FIS Ski World Cup and Bring Children to the Snow Organiser Killington (USA) is set to take a big step to reduce its power consumption – which it already offsets by purchasing 100% green energy. 

The resort announced that two solar energy harnessing arrays will be built this summer. The two arrays will produce 560 kilowatt hours of green power. Killington also invests in solar energy produced by larger green energy suppliers in Vermont.

Other new green developments at Killington include the creation of three car charging stations, adding to a number of electric car charging points the resort has been installing since 2014.

Killington has been a major player in the effort to convert to green energy on the east coast of North America over the years. Initiatives include ‘cow powered’ gondola lifts which a completely local form of renewable energy made in Vermont from energy generated from manure from local dairy farms, which also reduces greenhouse emissions produced by cows.

In a pioneering move since 2007, Killington has also converted 12 walk-in coolers, using cold, outside air to refrigerate coolers instead of using high energy consuming compressors to cool stored food. Retrofitting all the coolers has greatly reduced energy usage and has reduced CO2 emissions by 13.2 tons a year.