General Information

The competitions are held at Ruka, one of the biggest ski resorts of the country, close to the town of Kuusamo. Kuusamo is a city in Northern Finland with about 16.000 inhabitants.The nearest large towns are Rovaniemi (about 192 kilometres to the northwest) and Oulu (215 kilometres southwest). Ruka is the northernmost Nordic Combined World Cup being located close to the Artic cirlce. Traditionally a location where Nordic Combined athletes, ski jumpers and cross country skiers meet for their first competitions of the winter, Ruka is known among the spectators for the arctic climate, icy temperatures and often also changing winds.

The venue

Ruka offers excellent sporting facilities. The HS 142 "Rukatunturi" jumping hill is located very closely to the village of Ruka. The hill was constructed in 1964 and held the title of "biggest large hill in the world" until the Mühlenkopfschanze in Willingen was modernized in 2003. The Rukatunturi hill saw its last overhauling in 1996 when floodlights were installed which are now frequently used for night time competitions. An ice inrun track and equipment with plastic mats enabled jumping also in the summertime.

The cross-country tracks, which are also used by the Cross-Country World Cup, lead right through the ski stadium at the foot of the jumping hill before winding along Ruka's many lakes and coming back into the stadium. The demanding track often has to be skied in extremely cold temperatures and makes Ruka into a challenging start into the season.

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