Longines launches Live Alpine Data system

On 6


February 2017 in St. Moritz, Longines announced the official launch of its new timekeeping and data handling technology for Alpine Skiing, Longines Live Alpine Data, which is going to be used for the St Moritz 2017 and FIS World Cup downhill and super-G races.

During a press conference attended by Juan-Carlos Capelli, Longines Vice President and Head of International Marketing, Alain Zobrist, CEO of Longines Timing, Emmanuel Couder, FIS Alpine World Cup Technical & Marketing Coordinator, Stéphane Cattin, Alpine Skiing Director for Swiss-Ski, as well as Mikaela Shiffrin, Longines Ambassador of Elegance, the brand presented the game-changing Longines Live Alpine Data system, consisting of a chip attached to the skier’s boot equipped with a radar and motion sensor.

The Longines Live Alpine Data technology will enable real-time and continuous measurement of the athlete’s speed, acceleration and deceleration, the time it takes to reach 100km/h and an analysis of jumps. This data will be presented in the TV graphics  In a second phase, Longines Live Alpine Data technology will be put at the athletes’ disposal to help them analyse their performances with ever-increasing precision.  

Longines Ambassador of Elegance Mikaela Shiffrin said: “The new Longines Live Alpine Data technology is really cool, as it gives a different perspective on the sport for the public watching, allowing them to see all the intricacies and details that make one single turn or jump fast or slow. It is also a new way to show athletes the faster line. As athletes, we are always analysing video and comparing lines to decide which one is fast, especially in speed, but side by side videos do not always show exactly what you need to see. The Longines Live Alpine Data system goes further and gives more precise way to get that information.”