Loretta Piroia appointed new Secretary General of FISI

Former alpine ski racer and technical official, Loretta Piroia has been appointed as new Secretary General of the Italian Ski Federation (FISI) by the Federal Council. The 45-year-old is the first female to hold the position within FISI and she will be in office for the next four years.

Piroia’s appointment does not come as a surprise as she has already been responsible for parts of the role as head of the technical sports departments since July 2017, while the responsibilities for administration and staff remained with President Flavio Roda.

“For the next four years, the role of Secretary General was entrusted to me in all respects and therefore, besides having to implement what has been decided by the elective bodies, I will deal with the administrative and personnel management. These are topics that are a bit new for me as I come from a purely technical sports background", Piroia said.

“I am pleased that the job was entrusted to a lady,” Piroia continued. “I am the first female general secretary of the FISI, but I do not want to be treated differently by my male colleagues. I would rather bring a vision and an analysis from a different perspective, the female one.”