Number of skier and snowboarder visits worldwide increases by 4%

The 10th edition of the International Report on Snow & Mountain Tourism has been published.

The annual report is conducted by an independent body, Vanat Consultants, and tracks the numbers of skiers and snowboarders globally. This years report has been significant as it is the first time the number of skier visits has increased in 3 years. According to project leader Laurent Vanat “Western markets have seen a change in the business model with discounted multi-resort season passes, a phenomenon that already began to appear in North America for the past decade and is continuing to expand.”

In addition to this result the report has also provided the following findings:

  • 67 countries in the world that offer equipped outdoor ski areas covered with snow. Taking into account indoor facilities , mountaineering-only areas and other types of facilities such as dry slopes, the figure can be as high as 100.
  • In North America, the consolidation of major operations has resulted in a push for high financial performance. The result, is ongoing rising prices which may have a negative effect on the number of practicing skiers.
  • China has continued its of course of increasing snow sports with 57 new resorts have being opened in 2017

To download the full report, click the link below: