Quick Hits: International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

On 6th April 2017, the Olympic Movement celebrated the power of sport to unite people and help build a better world as part of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

FIS has been contributing to physical, educational and social development through its Bring Children to the Snow campaign and its partnership with Right To Play.

World Snow Day and FIS SnowKidz, the two projects which make up the Bring Children to the Snow campaign, have seen more than 6’000 participants and 1’717 events in 53 countries during the 2016/17 season. Besides enjoying and exploring the snow, children have the opportunity to learn about the environment, health benefits and safety on and off the snow.

Meanwhile, FIS’ international charity partner Right To Play is using the power of play to educate and empower children and youth to help them overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease.

Lausanne 2020 calls on the fresh minds of local students

Pushing the boundaries of innovation has become synonymous with the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) and with that in mind, the Organisers of the Lausanne 2022 Winter YOG have tapped the minds of local digital media students from the University of Lausanne (UNIL) for their ideas on how to make the YOG the most talked about and viral youth sporting event..

Eighteen groups of students presented their ideas from catchy hashtag campaigns and augmented reality treasure hunts to the integration of the latest communication technology to put the Youth Olympics firmly on the digital map.

Meanwhile, the Ecole d’Art et Communication (ERACOM) is supporting the YOG with design elements such as pictograms and the “Look of the Games”; the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne (EHL) will collaborate on accommodation, food and beverage, athlete health and well-being and volunteer concepts; and the UNIL will also offer expertise on staff engagement, sustainability and venue development.