Stemming from the village of Valkeala in the south of Finland, Roope Tonteri has been on the FIS Snowboard World Cup tour for quite a few years now.

Right at his second ever appearance, he nailed it by placing second at the Moscow Big Air.

However, although he managed to compete in two more finals, the later competitions didn't run that successful.

Until the 2013 winter. After claiming second position at the slopestyle event at Copper Mtn, CO., he brought home his career's so far best results at the 2013 FIS Snowboard World Championships in Stoneham and Quebec.

Following his slopestyle title on Jan 18, he also crowned himself Big Air World Champion thus becoming the second Finn in history becoming a Double World Champion.

Two years later, after he had placed eleventh at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, he took home silver in the World Championships slopestyle event but was able to become the first rider ever to defend his big air world title.

However, results aren't everything.

After claiming silver in the slopestyle event at Kreischberg he told the media that he wasn't aiming for another title but for the full medal set: "I guess it looks cool if you have all colours on your wall."

But due to clinching another big air gold, the flying fin has to go on another world championships: bring home that bronze.

Nevertheless, this kid has some pretty impressive riding skills including some very technical stuff such as cab 1440, which he not only throws down on big air kickers but also on slopestyle courses.

And don't forget to watch out for this skateboard talent to kill it on a course/jump nearby!